Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collector's Corner

What is in the mind of a collector?

Why it is important to a collector to have one person service them all the time?

Some collectors intimidate sales staff because they "the collector," know so much about watches or Leather watch bands that no one in the sales department wants to wait on the person.

Collectors will visit a store so many times before purchasing an item, why is that?

Collectors collect things. Watches, Bands, Belt Buckles, Zippo Lighters and the list goes on and on but they do buy things and usually purchase the more expensive items.

The answer:

The collector collects thing and that includes stores, sales staff, brochures, stories and other items relating to what the collector is looking for.

A collectors favorite watch store is the store he has collected. It is his store.
The salesperson who helps this person belongs to the collector, in his own mind. The salesperson is part of the collection as far as he is concerned.

A watch collector will collect the Ads in magazines, or display posters and even store displays if he can get hold of one.

The collector will listen to any story about the watch he wants because he is listening for information he did not have before. That's why all the visits, especially if other customers are looking at the same product the collector is looking at. He is gathering data about the wanted product.

Once the collector has as much data as he can handle, he buys. He buys every band that goes with the watch, every buckle that can be purchased with the watch and even the receipt is part of his precious collection.

The collector is a funny creature but he buys and buys big.

A collector will buy custom made bands with his name stamped on the back of the band if you tell him that he can do that.

A collector will have a custom made leather band made with only one hole in it because no one else is going to wear it, so why make so many holes?

Be nice to collectors because they do buy and they do bring other customers into the store.

Collectors pride themselves on having more information about a watch than anybody else and they then have to have someone to tell this information to.
This is where the NEW customer comes into the store because of the information that the collector has given him.

Be nice to collectors no matter how crazy they make you.